Past Projects

Changing Times

Major Road Theatre Company (devised) - 1988
A project run for young people in Bradford about the history of the city and surrounding area with the final devised piece being performed in the Alhambra Theatre.

Oh My Feet I'll Never Dance Again

Snaargs Dance Company (ensemble) - 1989
This dance piece was devised especially to run with workshops to be taken to schools as part of Snaargs Theatre in Education programme.

Egg Dances

The Rosie Lee Dance Company (choreographed by Rosie Lee) - 1989
Egg Dances involved a cast whose ages ran from six to seventy, and it was turned into a short dance film to be used as part of the A'Level dance syllabus.


the National Youth Music Theatre (written by Charles Causely and Steve McNeff, directed by John Wright and Jeremy James Taylor) - 1991Having worked closely with John Wright for four years, I was asked to help devise the physical theatre aspects of this project, which toured in South London and the Edinburgh Festival.

The Last Place on Earth

Stormcrow Theatre Company (written and directed by Joseph Collins and Rob Shaw) - 1992
This project combined performances at the Mad Abbot Theatre with storytelling workshops as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Merlin's Quest

Stormcrow Theatre Company (written and directed by Joseph Collins) - 1993
This piece was commissioned by the Kids Field at the Glastonbury Festival who run themed performances every year. It was accompanied by related workshops.

The City

UBmeIBU Dance Company (choreographed by Michelle Fox and Katrina Etherton) - 1993
After showing at The Place Theatre in London, we ran several workshops in schools in the Portsmouth area with this project.
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