Training & Courses

Clowning and Physical Theatre

I spent four years studying with John Wright of Trestle exploring the use of clowning and physical theatre in performance.

Dance Training

I trained in dance from the age of fourteen and later moved to London to further my training and work as a dancer. I have extensive experience of ballet, Humphrey Technique, Graham Technique and Contact as well as Pilates and Yoga and have worked as choreographer on many dance performances.


(1988-on going)
Since 1988 I have attended various storytelling workshops in London in order to keep abreast of the general work being carried out by other storytellers and to try out new ideas on the harshest of audiences (fellow storytellers!).


Whilst working as a special needs assistant at Matthew Murray High School I was offered the opportunity to take an introductory Teaching English as a Foreign Language course as the department supported some students with little or no English. I passed the course with a merit.
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