Bettakultcha at the National Media Museum

4th April 2012

The Storyhunters launched the internet (gallery) with Bettakultcha at the National Media Museum, Bradford.

We’ve presented a few times at Bettakultcha, with increasingly surreal shows. This was our last outing, where we launched the internet.

We thought it was hilarious as we wrote it. But the other presentations were really slick. And kinda serious. About ten minutes before we were up, I had a moment of doubt! Had we gone too far this time? Were we funny? Waaaargh!

But it was all OK. It went down a storm and the internet’s been running fine ever since.

Bettakultcha is a night of presentations by passionate people. Every speaker must meet our three rules – 20 slides – 15 seconds each slide – NO SALES PITCHES.