Our first book: Ultraverse

4th February 2014

A bit like free-falling through madness.

My first time writing a novel. Probably about as much fun as you can have on your own. I’m serious.

This was a massive learning curve. It taught me how plastic and disposable language is, and how, if you spend days honing the perfect sentence, it really shows.

Here’s the blurb:

Arwres Jones isn’t having a good day. Waking up in a fugue, she can’t quite believe that she’s let her life get so, well, boring. Seemingly incapable of escaping her stupid, dead end job she begins exploring strange new worlds through narcotic induced dreams. When she has a dramatic epileptic fit, the boundaries between her dream worlds and reality begin to falter.

Beginning on a sink estate at the end of the 20th century, Ultraverse quickly becomes an irreverent romp across alien worlds, other dimensional realities and the landscapes of the mind. It brings together an intoxicating mix of sci-fi, fantasy and 90s drug culture.

Here it is on Amazon – five stars of fun.