Second novel

4th September 2018

The World’s first ever Viking detective novel?

“Love your writing, boys, but you’re book’s bonkers. Write something a bit more commercial”

That’s literally what the agent said about the first book. So we wrote a Viking detective novel.

Had a helluva lotta fun writing another book. It’s always a great way to spend a year or so. And it gets more fun with each one as I learn new skills.

This particular bit of mayhem and madness drew deep from my love of fantasy, as much as from my passion for history.

Here it is on Amazon – it’s written under the pseudonym of Benn James and is just under five stars.

The blurb reads thusly:

Jorvik, 999AD, and the whole town’s got Millennium fever. Between a suspicious Saxon Earl, a vile Viking Lord, and the death-dealing demons, the good town of Jorvik needs a hero and needs one now!

Olin Odinson, the fabled Crow of War, has been dragged back home from exile. Now he must uncover the truth about the red skulled demons murdering the townsfolk before the people of his hometown are put to the flame.But first, he’s got to face his past. And take up his sword, one last time.