Storyhunters @ Seven Arts Christmas Show

4th January 2011

Another collaboration with Slanjayvah Danza.

The Storyhunters’ first big Christmas Extravaganza saw us team up with the awesome Slanjayvah Danza for a second time.

Collaboration and ensemble was the beating heart of the Storyhunters Project. So, the show included a pianist, dancers, as well as me and Andrew. And, we all had a go at everything. I even dredged up old dance skills for a few routines.

For some reason that none of us could fathom – even at the time – I ended up dressed as a half-faun, half Elvis hybrid that we nicknamed Pan Presley.

We did a lot of shows for Seven Arts, all slightly madder and more ambitious than the last. All completely unforgettable. Yet utterly untransportable. Wholly joyous and interactive. They were each bespoke, unique events. Bright flashes of inspiration and creativity that had to be witnessed to be believed.