The Storyhunters vs Slanjayvah Danza

15th February 2010

Welcome to the Taverna Montoya!

We handcrafted a fun and uplifting Valentine’s evening at Seven Arts Centre for their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The Centre owners were worried that Valantine’s events were all a bit soppy and sappy. So, they asked us to help out.

We spun a yarn that linked a series of dances performed by Slanjayvah Danza, the awesome group behind Blind Passion. I played the taverna owner, weaving a story that encompassed Flamenco Sevillanas, Salsa, contemporary dance and Argentinian Tango. Andrew played flamenco guitar. Everyone ate tapas. And even had Salsa lessons at half time.

It was the first of many collaborations with dancers and musicians. And, even the steely-hearted audience members who’d come for an antidote to shmaltz left with a skip in their step and a tear in their eye. Not bad for a night’s work.