Read like a butterfly, write like a bee
Philip Pullman, Author

Through my work with advertising agencies, I have created straplines and written blogs, emails and articles for corporate clients to engage audiences and enrich the content of websites. Much of this work involves identifying the issues that are relevant to the target audience, by investigating popular search terms. I then research the content of the article and write the copy using the appropriate language.

Another aspect of my content management role is to ensure that information is presented and organised in a user friendly way and to make recommendations about how to develop existing sites. This includes improving the visibility of a website through use of hooks and external linking.

In addition to writing copy, I have written video scripts for websites targeting young people. I also acted in and supervised the shoots, edited clips, and used Captionate to add subtitles.

I am also involved in more unusual, less corporate projects, such as writing verse for animated e-cards and interior design features. I regularly write restaurant reviews and am involved in various art projects as a creative writer.

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