English Key Stage One Listening


To use storytelling to strengthen children's listening skills. Every time a story is told from memory it naturally tailors itself to the specific needs of any given group. By engaging the pupils they naturally sustain their concentration and will, as a result, learn how to do this in other situations.


Longer, more complex stories are used for the development of listening skills. Plots will take their time to pan out and may involve several twists or 'red herrings'. The use of repeated motifs and language rhythm establishes familiarity and is used as a technique for drawing an audience into the story. These stories have been gathered from the vast wealth of folktales from around the world.


Workshops for the development of listening skills revolve around group discussions following the guidelines established by the National Curriculum. The children are encouraged to remember specific points that interested them, make relevant comments about the story, listen to each others reactions and ask questions to clarify their understanding of the story. These workshops also contribute to strengthening group discussion skills as the children will need to take turns in speaking, relate their contributions to what has gone before, take different views into account, extend their ideas in the light of discussion and give reasons for their opinions.
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