History Key Stage Two


To introduce children to the rich history of Britain and the lives of the diverse peoples who have lived here in times past. To highlight why certain events happened and shed light on their outcomes. Also, to tell tales from around the World to develop an understanding of the social, cultural and religious beliefs of different places throughout history.


There is a far wider range of stories available at Key Stage Two as the curriculum becomes broader. Suitable stories available at this level include various tales from Ancient Greece (Theseus, Hercules, Jason and the Argonaughts, Perseus), tales of the Trojan War, the travels of Odysseus, the Winning of Britain (a brilliant ancient Celtic myth that tells how Brutus, descendent of Aeneas of Troy, came and settled in Britain after the fall of Troy! This assertion by the Celts comes up later too, as the Romans also claimed to be the descendants of surviving Trojans, giving both peoples a shared mythical ancestry), other Celtic tales (including The Two Queens of Locrin, Bladud the Blemished Prince, Leir and his Daughters, The Mighty Brothers, Great Bran, The Sons of Troy, the Sovereignty of Britain, and Chief Dragon of the Island), Boudicca and Caratacus (tales of British resistance to Roman rule), Vortigern the Traitor (how one Prince's ambition to be the High King of Britain led to the coming of the Saxons under the leadership of the brothers Hengest and Horsa), stories of King Arthur, the fabulous Saxon classic Beowulf, Alfred the Great (tales of English resistance to Viking rule) and Harold Godwinson (Edward the Confessor, William of Normandy, Harald Hardraga, the brothers Tostig and Morcar and the build up to Hastings).


As Key Stage One plus discussion of the ideas, beliefs and attitudes of the characters in the stories and the societies in which they lived. How did they differ from modern ways of life? How did the different cultures in the story interact and what can they teach us today? Exploration of how the events in the story affected future events and were themselves influenced by past events. Did the way people lived their lives change after the events in the story?

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